Gambling at blackjack casinos for whales is extremely popular both in a real life and movies. Thousands of gamers spend huge money trying to win. This world is always bright and full of cash, tricks and fun. Unfortunately, all these benefits can result in addiction. It breaks lives and destinies, leaving only one way out: psychological treatment. But, before doing it, it’s substantial to find out the info on the disease, its features and impacts.

Meaning of Problem Gambling

blackjack high rollers casinos gambling addictionBlackjack is a famous entertainment that attracts hundreds of people, as it has simple rules and lots of variations. In the pursuit of winning, some individuals cease to control their behavior and become obsessed. This is called the problem gambling, a b wish to play despite harmful consequences.

Recent researches show that 2-3% of the offline gamers in America and approximately 15% of Australian casino visitors are addicts. The online industry features even more frightening rates.

Symptoms of This Disease in Real Life

You won’t identify such a gamer at the first sight. Often, these people perfectly hide their habits. Yet, it’s important to know how to reveal the person who comes across this trouble. Thus, probably, you’ll be able to withstand it or help your relatives, friends. As any disease, the addiction has its symptoms that clearly define a victim.

Being Secretive About Playing at Blackjack Casinos

The addicted blackjack gamer is often secretive about his predilection. He needs to hide the fact of playing from friends and the loved ones. Such a person doesn’t tell how much he gambles or how much money it takes. He thinks that others won’t understand him; he also feels shame. This happens either on a conscious or on a subconscious level.

Troubles With Controlling

Step by step, avid players begin to wager more cash. As the amount of the lost funds increases, an individual’s behavior changes. In the long run, the process becomes uncontrolled. From this moment, a user forgets about any limits. The game completely absorbs him: he knows neither how to stop nor how to leave a table.

Gaming Without Money

Despite the fact that any gambler has a fixed budget, addicts don’t stick to it. No matter whether they have two hundred or two thousand dollars, they will wager all the money. Some people are so ingenious that they obtain funds from any source they can find. They can easily take funds intended for medical purposes or other serious deals.

High Rollers Failure of Giving Up

There are so many pathological thrill-seekers who tried to cope with the problem. They wanted to get out of the vicious circle, but they failed. Unfortunately, almost all such attempts are unfortunate. Addicted users can’t recover from this disease completely. Even if a person realizes that the activity doesn’t bring any happiness, he demands the special treatment to overcome it tho.

Negative Influence of Problem Gambling

problem gambling of blackjack casinos high rollersThe addicted gamer can be any individual, who uncontrollably bets or loses money (low- or high-rollers). The life of such people begin to deteriorate rapidly. They are almost always in a bad mood. But, since we’re considering it as a deviation, we can outline the most obvious consequences of the gambling abuse.

Financial Damage

Financial damage is among the most horrible outcomes. Addiction makes a person lose everything to the last cent. Then, he borrows money, takes loans, sells home appliances, pledges a house or/and a car. In the issue, this bettor goes bankrupt with nothing valuable left. In its turn, large debts only aggravate the desire to stake again. Indeed, this aspect is the one that forces people to come back to the floor.

Health Problems

The players also acquire health problems, induced by a mental disorder. Furthermore, a user starts drinking alcohol and smoking, as these substances make him relaxed. The loss seems not so bad, when you’re tipsy. In addition, the state of being constantly nervous depletes the body. Thus, their organisms often suffer from such habits that also cause diverse breakdowns.

Family Harms

Family members feel the impact of such a dependence to the greatest extent. Initially, gambling can be absolutely harmless. But, when a gamer becomes addicted, his relatives are the first people to see the changes. They try to fix the situation, help their beloved ones, but only terrible scandals take place.

They happen because of the money loss or waste. Sometimes, quarrels end with beating up children and/or wife. Huge debts don’t allow enjoying life as well. As a result, people start to live separately or even get divorced.

Living Examples

Some celebrities also face the problem gambling in their daily lives. Actors and sportsman who earn millions of dollars gladly wager this money on blackjack. Such players are high-rollers who love the 21 so much that they become really sick.

Ben Affleck and Tiger Woods are the two examples of the true card dependency. For instance, Ben once spent $400,000 on a poker hand and bet $60,000 per a BJ hand. And, Woods achieved the $1M playing limit in Las Vegas ($25,000 each stake).

Gambling Addiction in Movies About Blackjack Casinos

Betting is also a popular plot in the filming industry. We can notice that the main hero’s path is always very dramatically pictured on the screen. The video is full of adventures, suffering and challenges. However, almost all such stories end well.

For instance, a movie with Mark Walberg – “The Gambler” (2014) shows that a university teacher owed a large sum of cash, but returned it by taking advantage of circumstances (he made a lucky bet). Nevertheless, another film “Owning Mahowny” (2003) with Philip Seymour Hoffman presented a bank worker with the addiction. He took the money from his customers’ accounts and then lost them at a casino. At last, the stolen sum became so big that everything was revealed.

Films Impact

blackjack casinos for high rollers and gambling addiction

Sometimes, the films we watch magically influence us. Everybody knows that a good movie is capable of changing people’s minds.

A person, being encouraged by the attractive and rich gambling world, assumes that he can act the same way.

He starts living, as if there are no limits and obligations. Eventually, he loses control and becomes addicted. If you want to avoid it, try to consider such videos only as an entertainment, as their purpose is just to keep you in front of the screen.