Many people admire the iconic gamblers who can risk thousands of dollars. Some of us dream of this way of life after seeing one of them in the high rollers blackjack casinos movies or reading about their triumphs in a celebrity column. Luxury cars and rivers of champagne are at the house expense. There is nothing like perks the greatest casino players receive. And nothing compared to their winnings.

Aspects of Being a High Roller

blackjack casinos winners high rollersWhat does it take to become a whale? These people lose millions without blinking an eye. Money is simply a way of keeping score for them.

They have a special style and unique frame of mind. Let’s find out about the different facets of the big casino winner’s living.


It stands obviously that you have to gamble to become a big stake player. And it is not a casual activity but a real passion. Huge sums make the process more exciting for the whales. More money means more fun.


The big fish love comfort and prestige. They are ready to pay for what they want. Tipping a couple of hundred bucks here and there is a drop in a bucket. Loyal and reliable service is valuable. When a real high roller wins, it is a happy hour for the casino room crew – the tips can rise up to several thousand dollars per dealer.

Getting “Comped”

winners of high rollers blackjack casinosThis is one of the best things about the big players’ life. The staking houses often give them various “complements”. They may include a bottle of exquisite vine, a free hotel suit or a car. Sometimes the hosts go as far as offering the free flight to a gambler .

If the bettor loses significant sums of money, he/she is often gifted with massive prizes. For the house, it’s all about building a good reputation and showing their appreciation to the best clients. Big players are rare in occurrence, but they attract the audience and contribute to the status and atmosphere of the outlet. Extra attention always pays off when people return.

Facts About Blackjack Casinos For High Rollers

Here are some facts about high rollers life. Find out where they usually play, if they obviously win, etc.

Places of Playing

All the casinos have the special VIP rooms. But only a few places in the world accept really big stakes. These first-class spots can be discovered in the main wagering capitals: Las Vegas, Macau, London, and Barcelona.

Just like in the real world, there are online arcades with high limits or unrestricted bets. In a way, these websites are even superior to the traditional gambling. They offer the access to interesting competitors from all over the planet, more anonymity and connection from any location.


Money may impress the outsiders, but for the high rollers, the game is not about wealth. They don’t need to rely on it for income. What they really want is to test their luck and nerves. A big bet is an adventure and a thrill for the chosen.

The high stake players often prefer the games with a low house edge and good odds. The blackjack and roulette are classic examples. The slots are also gaining popularity, as now the online gaming allows wagering in thousands on a single spin.

Many legends are circling in the gambler community, which hints that the greatest historic wins have never been revealed to the wide public. As for the confirmed prizes, they range around $15-33 million.

High Roller Winners at Blackjack Casinos

Here you can find the examples of the biggest high roller winners at blackjack casinos (land-based and online). How did they get so lucky? Read all details through the stories below.

Don Johnson

blackjack casinos for high rollers and winners lifestyle

This is one of the first names you learn reading about the whales. The former CEO and professional blackjack player used to work in racetrack business in the US. In 2011, the American casinos were desperate to attract big fish after the global financial crisis.

Don negotiated an exclusive and very favorable comp in Las Vegas. This unprecedented advantage allowed him to win over $15 million in half a year. He might be a single person who had the luckiest hand in the whole twenty-one history, profiting $800,000 at once.

Kerry Packer

This Australian media magnate was a real fortune’s favorite. He was a rich, brave and skilled gambler. This made him a thrilling and dangerous guest in the grand casinos in Europe. Risking bets as huge as the quarter of a million allowed him to win $30 million during a single 40-minute play in Las Vegas.

Packer was also known for the sums he left in staking houses. This included one of the biggest losses in the London history – $28 million in 1999. Yet he never showed any sign of regret.