Celebrities like to play at blackjack casinos for high rollers with big stakes. Let’s find out the reasons of their love for this game.

Pros & Cons of Playing High Limit Blackjack

There are a lot of positive and negative aspects of this type of entertainment. And here we list some of them.


blackjack casinos high roller celebrities

  • Higher stakes = bigger prize. With larger bets, you can win a fortune overnight. Now imagine how much time it would take to make $100,000 wagering a dollar at one sitting.
  • Better edge. High rollers are often offered the special gaming conditions. This may include a significant increase in cashback and more advantageous rules against a dealer. In a way, the whale’s dollar is more valuable than a dollar spent by an average player, because it has a higher cash return.
  • Comps and service. Big bettors are rewarded with lots of valuable perks, such as free luxury transport, personal assistants, exquisite hotels, and meals. The size and quality of gifts depends on the amount of money a gambler wagers.
  • Selected company and PR. A high roller casino is a place where many celebrity friendships and business partnerships begin. The stories of famous people gambling often make news in popular media.


  • Risk. Losing a lot of money is an obvious challenge that comes with bigger wagers. No matter how skilled high roller is, everyone has unlucky days.
  • Pressure. It is vital for every blackjack fan to realize their limits. If all stakes you choose to play for are too overwhelming for you, the fear of going broke destroys all the enjoyment.
    Moreover, the stress leads to poor decisions and impairs the gambling skills.
  • No card-counting. The enhanced service may backfire on those who attempt to cheat the house. The VIP’s get more attention both from the staff and security department.

How to Become a High Roller in Blackjack Casinos

high roller celebrities and blackjack casinosHere are some tips for starting your adventure:
1. Choose the right casino. The whales prefer established houses with solid reputation and experience. Pay attention to reviews and consider testing a new gambling provider with lower bets before you go big.
2. Learn the signs and slang.They are more than just a set of cool moves and fancy words. Get to know the nuances to see the full picture and be a more successful player.
3. Develop your skills. Take time to learn and practice different strategies and varieties of the game. There is always some room for improvement.
4. Lose with grace and do not disrupt. Bad luck is a part of the game you should accept and understand. You can tell if a player is good one by the way he/she handles the loss.
5. Don’t get caught counting cards. Messing with the casino security can permanently ruin the cheater’s gambling future and cause serious legal problems.

Celebrities Who Play With High Limits

The celebrity blackjack players come from all kinds of backgrounds: sport, music, film etc. The game serves as an existing hobby, the way to relax and environment to socialize. Who said that only men can be high stakers. Women can do the same and even better.


Orel Hershiser is a golf champion who has achieved professional poker player status. He was also among the World Series of Blackjack quarter-finalist. LeBron James is famous for launching his own twenty-one tournaments. The basketball legend is a talented gambler who loves big bets.

Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice TV host, is a skillful and serious player. One of the secrets of his gambling success is never mixing the cards with alcohol. Drinking is the worst menace to casino winning.


celebrities in blackjack high rollers casinosCaroline Rhea, a charming stand-up comedian, has championed the Celebrity Blackjack TV show in 2005. Her prize of $300,000 has been donated to the animal charity.

Shannon Elizabeth is an actress and fashion model who can frequently be seen at the gambling table. You can contemplate her skill as a finalist of the biggest celebrity card tournament.