The Flash Player has been an indispensable part of the internet, especially in online high roller blackjack games before HTML5 arrived. It has been so because the previous one (HTML4) was presented way back in 1999 and had no built-in application support. The next generation platform appeared to be extremely useful web technology, which has become a follow-up to the previous version in 2014.

HTML5 has rapidly changed the face of the internet and the Flash Player was dispatched to rubbish heaps of history. HTML5 games attained great popularity among online gamblers because of the big number of major improvements. You can see the benefits while betting online, for example by playing blackjack.

Aspect of Compatibility

html5 platform for blackjack casinos for high rollersThe main goal of the new protocol version is a higher grade operation of interactive multimedia processes within different software products, such as various web browsers and mobile applications.

In other words, this means that instead of Flash and Java, the user gets something faster, more modern, and adapted to different screen sizes, etc.


Returning to the subject of gambling games, blackjack was recently only available for PC users. Flash games were too demanding for mobile hardware. Nowadays, playing twenty-one on these kind of devices is just as convenient as on a computer.

What’s really important, now you can win in a mobile casino anytime and anyplace, because cross-platform games rule the world. The most popular ones can unite gamblers on PC, Mac, Android, IOS. It doesn’t matter, whether you are running the app using iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display, Google Pixel with a 5-inch one or on a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3. There is no difference.

According to the Global Online Gambling & Betting Market report in 2014, it’s expected that the entire mobile gambling market will grow by 40% by 2018, and the number of users could possibly rise to one hundred million.


You may be wondering how the latest HTML protocol can run so easily on a Win98 PC with a prehistoric platform. Well, that’s a good point. Technological progress has some requirements, but they are pretty democratic. Mostly, instant play blackjack runs on a browser of any kind, but there are some limitations for versions that don’t support HTML5.

Using a Chrome 46+, Firefox 42+, Edge 13+, Safari 9+ browsers you can be sure to have no problems. No need to download the client application for your favorite casino anymore.

Blackjack Casinos Games Performance Quality

The growing community of mobile gamblers was not only meant for the cross-platform. For high rollers, the main advantage of the HTML5, over Flash casinos is the experience. It’s about images, sounds, and performance. The response time is short, so you can’t even make a cup of coffee between your actions.

Don’t forget about adaptation. Your screen size and resolution will not be affected by the displaying process all that much. Once you try these gambling sites, you’ll never want to return to those Flash casinos’ poor animation and fuzzy graphics.

What’s available for us now is a unique pack of features never reached by previous technologies for the gaming industry. Grand Blackjack, one of the latest projects launched by Playtech studio in March of 2017, offers you the chance to gamble with a live dealer in high definition right from your smartphone.

HTML5 Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos for High Rollers

high rollers blackjack casinos and html5

Live Casinos are special rooms with real tables, and ordinary dealers broadcasting the entire gaming process using webcams. The cards are oversized for easier recognition on a smaller screen. You can chat and send audio messages directly to the seated man.

For whales, there is the possibility of accessing all bets from Android/IOS phone or tablet. HTML5 makes live casinos look similar from any device. This encourages developers, such as Playtech, Microgaming, and others, to make the live blackjack games even more amazing.