The MIT Blackjack Team is a group of like-minded people, who developed a refined system “how to win at blackjack casinos”. The start of their success began with the course, which the students mastered in college. Their study was focused on learning a card-counting at blackjack casinos for high rollers.
This team was very attracted by the world of casino games and tried to comprehend the depth of card techniques. It got a worldwide confession because their activity was cinematized by many filmmakers, who displayed the passion to gambling.

History of The MIT Blackjack Team

mit team blackjack casinos films and tv shows for high rollersThe story of talented students goes back at the beginning of 80th years of 20th century in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

There was a course of gambling mastery within that institution which became a good start of group’s success. Later they moved to Atlantic City, trying their luck in playing, but all hopes were dashed.

The group came apart, although, two of them – J.P Massar and Chang – wished to set up the course, concerning the study of card techniques. The members studied the theory and practice of the game but failed every time while trying to get a big payday.

Early Years

Bill Kaplan who attained an excellent education and used his knowledge and skills in casinos, resolutely took over their training in card-counting. Kaplan was asked to watch the team’s game to define the main problems that prevented them from winning. Each member used the separate tactics that were not good for gambling.

Spending days in debates and mathematic calculations, he figured out the main mistakes of Massar’s crew. Under his guidance, their number increased to 35 people and total bankroll equaled to $350,000. Later Kaplan returned to real estate business and ceased patronizing the MIT Team.

Pro Setup Period

At the beginning of 1990th, the leaders of this team solved to benefit from the Foxwoods Casino specialized on gamblers’ educating. They created the Limited Partnership in order to finance that group of players. Their profit was equal to a million dollars, exceeding all past earnings. At the end of 1990th the crew of Blackjack lovers counted almost 80 gamers; their training institutions were located throughout the USA. Sarah McCord headed and coordinated the study of future members.

Time of Demise

After the Limited Partnership was disintegrated, the crew was divided into several groups. Those communities had the independent bodies with the capital of million dollars. At the beginning of 21st century, the MIT team stopped their existence, because everyone went about their business. In 1999, the representative of one unit triumphed in the blackjack competition.

Team Members

high rollers blackjack casinos films and tv shows by mit teamThe history of MIT Blackjack members is rather interesting. Bill Kaplan is suggested to be an ideological inspirer of the group. His education and research activity made him the “brain” for a young group of blackjack amateurs. J. Massar, who formed a crew, consisting of mathematicians, needed the professional, who could point out their mistakes, which led to losses. Their fateful meeting was the beginning of MIT Team foundation.

John Chang, who graduated from the training club, became a big player, who could wager after the signs from other gamers. With achievements in blackjack playing he received a managing post. Even now you can come across his master classes in counting.

MIT Team Strategy And Techniques For High Rollers

Usually, the team hired those people, from their acquaintance. They were skilled and trained in strategies. At the end of the study, everyone had to pass exams, practical training in gambling within the casino. After tests were passed, the learner became the real player.

Their unique system was based on the interaction of three gamblers, namely a big gamer, an auditor, and an informant. The informant examined the deck of cards, the auditor made low-value stakes, monitoring the informant’s score. When the score was good to wager, the big gamer made a big stake. This scheme helped to gain the profit valued at 4% of the bet amount.

This Organization in Media

The story about blackjack lovers was reflected in books, films, and TV shows. Ben Mezrich was the author of many essays about the high rollers community. At first, all books were related to the documentary literature, but later the heroes and facts in the stories took the form of fiction because many events were based on rumors. The story “Fans of Beat the Dealer” became the favorite composition for MIT leaders, as it thoroughly described the gamblers’ technique.

Blackjack Casino Movies

MIT blackjack casinos movies and tv shows for high rollers

The legendary film “21” (2008), also didn’t reflect the real facts of team’s life, However, its compelling story and brilliant acting of Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Jim Sturgess conveyed the main thought about well-known gamblers.

The filmmakers used the basic of “Bringing Down the House” describing the adventures of amateurs, who rejoined the community of blackjack players. This movie described the period of their success in Las Vegas. At the same time, it displayed the inner side of the casino, showing the probable strategies and schemes of gaming. The film raised a budget of $ 35,000,000.

Ben Mezrich’s stories were filmed in “The Breaking Vegas”. The documentary tells about fellows, who were courageous enough to come to the casino with an especially developed method of Blackjack playing, which later raised them to the top of success.

High Rollers TV shows

The document movie “Making Millions the Easy Way” shed a light on the mysterious answer on recipe of winning in 21. There were performed all aspects of MIT Blackjack Team being: testing of system, rising of stakes and so on.