There are a lot of movies with the punk atmosphere. Also, we can find some blackjack high roller casinos films with punks. But what about TV shows? Do they exist? And what can we learn about the subculture in general? All these questions will be considered in this article. And we will start with the main characteristics.

History of Subculture

punks tv shows and blackjack casinos for high rollersThe movement dates back to the 1970’s. The music and politics are its two driving forces. This protest youth culture is centered on heavy and aggressive punk rock and rebellion against the establishment.

Some of the most influential bands are Velvet Underground, Ramones and The Stooges from the USA, The Sex Pistols, The Clash from the UK. Grunge, indie, goth, grind core and many other subcultures are influenced by this original style.

Specifics of Punk Culture

Independence, resistance against the authority and drive to change are among the core values of the trend. Some of its representatives stick to the total nihilism. They set themselves against the society and express their neglect with their shocking outfit and behavior. But many punks are socially conscious and often take part in rallies and other forms of activism. They strive to challenge the traditional values and address inequality and prejudice, as well as the shortcomings of capitalism and government.

The movement has diverged into many directions. It has incorporated a number of world-views, including anarchism, labor and LGBTQ rights, feminism, environmental protection and others. This subculture inspired crossovers with goth, skinhead, hardcore, glam, folk and skater influences. This rebellious style is also popular in non-musical media, including literature, poetry, fashion, and film. The artworks usually have rough and emotional aesthetics and explore the ideas of freedom, equality, violence, and non-conformism.


The opposition to the established social system drives many of the affiliates outside the “normal” way of living. In extreme cases, some of them choose to become homeless and unemployed. They may rely on dumpster scavenging and squatting. Some of them engage in self-destructive activities, like substance abuse and shop-lifting.

This marginalized group gets most of the media attention and forms a negative popular image of all the subculture in general. This is where the dirty ragged punk caricature we all have seen comes from. However, the majority of the movement is represented by the working youth from lower and middle class.

The self-organization and DIY (“do it yourself” principle) play an important role in this freedom-loving ideology. The community members often produce their own hand-made clothes and magazines (known as “zines”) and organize protest actions. They value initiative, authenticity, and self-reliance.

Famous Punk TV Shows

This underground culture and lifestyle are really interesting topics which can be discovered in the following TV shows.

The Punk Years

Category: documentary.
Released: 2002.
Country: UK.
Length: 10 episodes x 25 minutes.
This show explores the punk rock’s roots, evolution, and influences from its birth to the present. The documentary features the interviews with some of the influential musicians and impressive historic footage. You will get to know the subculture’s development firsthand from Johnny Rotten (the leader of the iconic Sex Pistols), Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud (the founding members of the UK band Crass), Billy Bragg (the activist and songwriter), Mark Perry (the famous fanzine founder) and other active participants. Explore the challenges of the earliest artists and learn how their music changed the world.

Young Drunk Punk

blackjack high rollers casinos and tv shows about punksCategory: comedy, sitcom.
Released: 2015.
Country: Canada.
Length: 13 episodes x 20 minutes.
This is a more humorous and easy-going look on the punk life. The story takes place in a typical Canadian neighborhood in the mid-1980’s and follows the hilarious adventures of the teenage rockers. The two friends are trying to share their love for underground music and find a place in life. Enjoy the exciting story-line and have a good laugh with this TV show.