There is one statement every gambler will certainly agree with: nowadays blackjack high roller casinos can offer you much more than just the chance to raise some cash. The atmosphere of table games consists of different factors, from perfect customer service to unforgettable experiences.

So exactly how are casinos related to punks? Why there are even those ones that have music specializing like “Hard Rock casino”? Different players have dissimilar preferences. And the owners, of course, keep it in their minds. The combination of high risk and old-school melodies can transform into an incredible adrenaline rush that you’ll never feel anywhere else. It’s no wonder that these huge cultural institutions regularly cooperate with one another.

Entertainment Features

Both land-based and online casinos want to develop their marketing systems. For example, web versions try to entertain their guests by creating pleasurable conditions on sites, providing a great variety of table games. Also, there are a lot of special offers, VIP gaming rooms for high-rollers, etc.

The brick and mortar one’s compliment their areas with nightclubs and luxury restaurants, attracting the clients with aesthetics of old video blackjack and so on. This is exactly what players are looking for! At that point, performing musical shows are the perfect way to attract people’s attention.

Blackjack Casinos for High Rollers Welcome Punks

punks and blackjack casinos for high rollersLive concerts are welcome in casinos. One of the important advantages for visitors is that they are free of charge and you can enjoy the performances all night long. It can be both local bands and fan favorite tribute shows.

For example, KC & the Sunshine band usually make half of their stops during concert tours at gaming areas. Harry Wayne Casey, the leader, is a 65-year-old jazzman.

He likes to choose hotel rooms, restaurants, and also blackjack-tables as venues. There are different genres in gambling areas – disco, blues, rock, folk, or country. But hard rock (especially punk) is preferred.

For example, The Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper who is well known due to horror-themed theatrics on stage, often performs concerts in the casinos of Minnesota, California, Washington and Missouri.

Bands Performances

The majority of musicians are young. History shows us that it’s okay to start your career using gaming institutions, as well as restaurants, bars, and clubs. Some bands’ way to the stardom started there. It doesn’t mean they tend to leave such areas from the past.

Many beginners later return to casinos as successful musicians. If you want to plunge into nostalgia and listen to ‘Said I Loved You… But I Lied’ as Michael Bolton’s live performance, you may enjoy it while playing some blackjack.

Speaking of punks, a lot of groups are frequent guests at lounge shows. In the last year, the united tour of people’s favorites Headstones and raising stars Poor Young Things made a splash. Such experienced bands as Swedish soldiers of sorrow, Katatonia, all with the support of Caspian and The Uncured, will conduct a great performance at ‘Fallen Hearts’ in 2017 all throughout North America. The places of concerts also include gaming clubs.

Punk High Rollers

high rollers blackjack casinos and punksNot only hard driving music attracts people. Some group members often come to casino for having fun. Both land-based and online ones are popular among them. There are even well-known high-rollers in the musician’s world.

DJ and ex-member of Anthrax punk-metal band, Scott Ian says in public that gambling with the money is his hobby and real passion. He’s an experienced poker and blackjack player. Scott is someone who’s obsessed with studying new strategies of card games and learning the skills necessary to call himself a true expert. Also, he’s already been called a pro.

Interest in games of chance tends to captivate even girls. Rockers are not the most particular casino users. Christin Maschmann was named the most valuable poker and blackjack team member at the Malta tournament in 2015. ‘Poker news’ says she doesn’t get off the island very often, but when she does, she leads these games.

The lady makes trips several times a year and usually just plays at side events. She confesses to dreaming of becoming a professional gambler, and still considers herself to be an amateur. ‘I enjoy spending time with the players that live my dream. I enjoy being a part of their world at least a little bit’ – says Christin on her blog.