As a very popular casino attraction, high roller blackjack is widely presented in art and culture. It has inspired producers on multiple educational and fiction films that we all can appreciate and enjoy. Of course, when the stakes are higher, the plot is more exciting. That is why the majority of the movies are built around the big games played in the so-called high roller sites.

Intro To High Rollers Blackjack Casinos

All blackjack enthusiasts can get some info about these casinos for a better understanding of their specifics. A high roller is basically any person who plays for big bets. In most cases, this includes very rich people and professional gamblers. The stakes are ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 or $20,000! The whales prefer twenty-one to any other game because the house edge is low and the odds are good. This translates into the lower losses and higher profit, which is really important when the parlay is high.

Main Idea of These Casinos

The high rollers are very valuable clients, so the gambling houses offer them special customer service and lots of benefits. A blackjack casino for whales is a special VIP environment created for the big game. Each of the premium tables has a minimum bet requirement. It varies a lot, but even at the lower end, you will be required to come down with at least $200 or $500 just to join the thrill.


top movies about blackjack casinos for high rollers

The two types are:

  • land-based
  • online wagering houses

The James Bond-inspired dark legends of the rich men’s extravaganza are probably overblown. And yet it is true that the gambling operators provide the privileged guests with the countless luxury perks including the high-end meals, transport, hospitality and concierge service.

Premium web blackjack casino is more focused on special bonuses, valuable gifts and exclusive access to VIP tournaments. Online high rollers enjoy advanced assistance and special treatment just like their real-world counterparts.

Films About Blackjack Casinos For High Roller Players

Here you will find our selection of the most interesting and realistic films about the big twenty-one. Some of them might be a bit shocking, but they can teach you something useful if you are a dedicated admirer of this game.

Breaking Vegas

Writer: Bruce David Klein.
Realese date: 2004.
Starring: Jon Hirschtick, Ben Mezrich and other members of the MIT Blackjack team.
You might have heard about the legendary Massachusetts Technology Institute team. It is famous for the attempt to get rich by applying scientific skills in casinos across the United States. This 2004 documentary tells the story in a vivid and first-hand manner.

The MIT Blackjack group actively contributed to the movie’s production both as storytellers and as actors. This is not another one of many high-budget and unrealistic blockbusters. Breaking Vegas is a truly insightful dramatization for the curious and mindful audience. It offers just the right proportion of entertainment and brain-candy for those, who care about blackjack.

Holy Rollers: The Card Counting Christians

blackjack movies with high rollers casinosWriter: Bryan Storkel.
Released: 2011.
Starring: Ben Crawford and other Church group members.
Just the sheer title of a movie like this can get some sensitive viewers triggered. Watch the former Seattle Church team tells its story. The members of this organization explain how they manage to marry gambling with belief.

A massive blackjack group of the loyal prayerful Christians and a card-counting pastor might sound absurd. On the other hand, some players are ready to use any help to win, so why not call upon the Almighty? The $3 million dollars that Holy Rollers won of US casinos might prove their strategy was not too bad.

The Hot Shoe

Writer: David Layton.
Realese date: 2003.
Starring: Johnny Chang, Andy Bloch, Ian Andersen and others.
If reading cards was taught at high school, this film would be a must-watch material for passing the test. It is the ultimate documentary for those, who want to dive into the controversial history of blackjack tricks. The movie’s ambition is to draw the detailed and layered research of the card counting.

It includes the real rollers’ testimonies and behind-the-scene footage of actual games. The film director even attempted his own gambling experiments in a real Las Vegas casino. It is exciting and informative for viewing. Join the investigation to reveal the truth behind the twenty-one counting – and maybe learn some of the basics, if you want.