The decision of becoming a whale obliges to know everything concerning the main structure as well as functions of the enjoyment itself. The basic knowledge should help to understand the main winning mechanism. So, the minimum playing time would be great.

However, to make huge investments in the high roller blackjack casinos, a person should have enough confidence. The last comes with practice and experience. Moreover, a customer has to understand all tricky rules and conditions. All this information is well-known for professional gamblers. Nonetheless, they do not always share it. Thus, the best way is to watch special videos, which will be indicated below.

Main Idea of Instructionals Movies

high rollers blackjack casinos instruction videosThe general goal is to guide the player, to show him the most common info as well as some hidden rules. It can indicate main regulations and how to use particular strategies.

Furthermore, it may specify on some winning combinations and the process to acquire them. Additionally, it distinguishes different kinds of the same entertainment and explains the background. Sometimes, such fragments’ purposes are to motivate and to tell the history of the greatest winners and their path to obtain a reward.


There are three commonly accepted categories: real, animates and realistic. The first one has the highest value as it represents a situation, which actually happened. Moreover, it may be live streaming videos, where you can online see the emotions of players and their skills.

It includes unexpected decisions and rare practices. The second looks like a cartoon, where everything is simple and graphically explained. Certainly, it is the easiest to understand for any user. The third – in fact, fake videos. However, they reproduce real situations with detailed instructions, which help to get the ideas behind some decisions.

TOP Blackjack Casinos Manual Films For High Rollers

blackjack casinos films for high rollersThere are many movies, which describe new and demonstrate old strategies. We will take into account only useful ones, which really provide necessary support for future stars.

In general, such videos may include interviews with actors (which are usually real gamblers) and show parts of their lives. Spend few hours watching them all and do not forget to write down some interesting features, you will definitely use them later and with thank for the success.

60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack

This movie from 2005, as its title displays, has a length of only 60 min. However, this time frame is sufficient to mention the primary information concerning this casino amusement. You will find the most important instructions regarding card counting and skills needed. Overall, this film has 2 parts: one has a form of tutorial and other shows practical exercises. So, everyone can practice a little to memorize lessons.

Essential Blackjack: Guide For Players And Dealers

This movie was made in 2006 and it describes basics for any type of customers. Furthermore, it consists of different techniques depending on player’s intention: to gain money or experience (or both). Separate feature is its importance for the casino as well. Indeed, the video remains a good tool for dealers and other workers in gambling platforms.

Blackjack, Slots, and Craps Winning Strategies

So, this film is compulsory to watch. This product of 2005 explains the methodology and direct consequences of choosing stand, hit or fold. Additionally, it covers some payment instructions and gives advice for the best option. By its complexity, it also notices main features of craps and slots: describes the machines, betting combinations and potential bonuses.